Alamo Retriever Club

Pets are not human but it spreads lots of love and good personalities, emotions, preferences and used as to protect house. Pets included by many domestic animals. Dog is the first animal domesticated by human. Alamo retriever club is union of hunting retriever trainers, they are very much talented and happily they are training dogs to improve their abilities. In this club trainers train as a group only, it will be one or two times they will give training. It maintains AKC and HRC hunt tests and trails and also participated in hunt tests. The Alamo Retriever Club is an association of hunting retriever, the interested people serving in San Antonio and surrounding area. Its members are combination of young and old, if a person new and inexperienced or professional, but all share the joy of retrievers. The club keeps both AKC and UKC sponsored hunt tests and field trial events. So whether people an old for this profession or new to the world of retrievers, Alamo is a great place to start and be a part of this and actively give presence to next club meeting or event.


Dogs are domesticated by human, there are many varieties of dogs and different variety used for different purposes by humans, this is not only animal, and it is a man’s best friend. From ancient history dogs are part of family and it can understand human’s behavior, nature, and way of talking and proved mankind for years. Dogs are always has unique style and nature of behaving it differs in breeds, also differs in colors, shapes, sizes, weight and habits .it is carnivore animal usually pets are can be omnivore. There is lot of interesting information regarding dog is makes people to know about that and dogs are digitigrades animals as they use their toes while running or walking. The main pros of dog when people thinking are strong sense of smell. It has strong hearing sense too for this ondemand uber X strength it is used by police and army to detect criminals. This is called intelligent animal because they have sharp vision and as well as understanding power.


The core purpose is to promote the main role of breed retriever as hunting dogs, there are six retrievers is placed in general, Chesapeake Bay retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Flat-Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labrador retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. And to provide a vehicle for retrievers handlers to enhance their skills and their way of approaching as well as working techniques of retriever breeds for the purpose of gun dog, hunt test competitions and field trial competitions. They provide space of companionship between retriever owners and handlers to enhance their involvement in training sessions and sportsmanlike competition in hunt tests and field trials. When it comes to hunting method it has several methods. Those are Coonhounds, Beagles, Hunting Retrievers, Cur and Feists, Pointing Dogs, and Élite Shed Dogs.

The interesting task of hunting with coonhounds is under the part of American history back to American to the 1700 century these methods followed till now in all parts of the country. Immerse in rich history and tradition, coon hunting methodology is a pastime fond to many people. To excel in this sport they trained the seven Alamo Retriever Club coonhound breeds special coon hunting bred for the traits. Night hunts, water races, bench shows and field’s trials are the methods to test coonhound’s natural ability and as well as structure. This coonhound can easily get good score on accuracy and speed while trailing wild game. Alamo retriever club beagle program has two sides one is hunting beagle events and another on is performance pack events. In both, the casts are randomly picked at the clubhouse, and their dogs are sent to the brush of adjacent field to seek wild rabbits.

The Hunting Retriever Club is an international organisation popularise common sense in a field of hunting and helps to feel the realism in testing hunting retrievers, in this they planned to test the dogs to enter in HRC, the detailed five ability based categories are, Started, Seasoned, Finished, Grand and Upland . These will helps the retriever for hunting and field work and waterfowl and upland game. Curs and Feists are talented tree dogs, it seems small but they are good enough to tree and locate game quickly and accuracy is high, the squirrel is mostly used and this type of curs and Feists skilfully hunt raccoon.

There are plenty of breeds in this category of dog. A pointing dog’s job is from the name itself people can guess the character of this breed, this is to locate birds and then freeze completely, it means to pointing the direction by handler this one is solid retrieve of dog’s training and important to directions. If a bird id downed, the dog settle down through the field and delivers to hand, there are many pointing breeds that has multiple pointing to compete like these events. Élite Shed Dogs is for shed dog holder with a family-friendly environment to explore happiness by participating in an activity that promotes a marvellous outdoor lifestyle for all the individual persons and their enriched dogs. It is a kind of sport that is accessible to everyone, for this sport a wide variety of dog breeds needed and maximum space is also needed that are given by this club authority.

Alamoretriever FAQs

What kinds of training are you providing?

Our main objective in all kind of training is to make your dog a better one and different from the other dog. For dogs with very rude behavior and being arrogant with humans and other dogs, a periodic treatment of shorter duration is given on a daily basis. Dogs which are having well behavior are trained through group training.

What makes your training different and augmented one than the other training?

We provide a balanced training which will enhance and encourage the dog with good behaviors and diminishing the unwanted behaviors like teaching to a child with effective communication and relationship without harming the dog.

How your training will be unique?

First thing is, our training to dogs are not a rough and tough, harder teachings by worse punishments, but the lessons are carried in a way of playful games, where all the dogs can enjoy and unknowingly they become so involved with it.

Is there any guarantee?

No. We can’t guarantee that dog will attain a full-fledged change in their own behaviors. We are just providing our helpful and effective training, but it’s the whole job of the owner to carry on the progress in a consistent way to the dog after training.

Is the cost based on the number of dogs or based on difficulties with the behavioral problems?

We can’t conclude the cost by both of these categories. Basically, the cost is decided by the type of training to be offered. But if the training for the problems differs with different dogs, the cost may vary and it is calculated for the number of dogs.

Are there any tools to be provided by us for the training purpose?

No. We provide all the facilities for every individual dog. There is no need for any other tools to provide your own media application

What is the duration of the training period? Is there any must limit of training period for all dogs?

Yes. Every dog should attain eight weeks of training and after that based on the individual characters of the dogs, additional training will be implemented. Thus the duration is not a fixed one for every dog.